Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sampler Quilt Project

16 patch Block 40cmX40cm

Churn Dash with flower applique Block 40cm x 40cm

Flying Geese Block 40cm x 40cm

Drankard's Path Block 40cm X 40cm

Medalion Block 40cm x 40cm

Grand Mother Flower Block 40cm X 40cm patchwork applique

now i currently doing patchwork quilting project for size double bed 180 cm X 200 cm, im gonna need 12 of patching blocks with size of 40cmX40cm, i've finished 6 of them. all the blocks are hand-made ... i made them in my spare time..during my kids were not arround...

its a sampler patchwork block so it has different item .... , im doing the rest now (another 6 blocks) ... but havent found the border and shashing yet....i would use block square 5cmX5cm for shashing.. hhmm..not sure yet (sorry readers..if any..if you dont understand what im talking about coz i dont understand either..wink...)

btw... i'll tell and show the progress... wish me luck..., this quilt will be dedicated to myself..(narcis and selfish indeed...)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Patchwork ... expressing my mood my feeling..

i've been doing this patchwork quilting project for a while.., this is gonna be my 5th patchwork quilt project..a bit story about how i got into this hobby, it was like 3 years ago.. i didnt have much to do only my work and kids ... nothing in between ... works and kids actually should be enough, but it was really hard time for to adjust with everything... including marriage itself...i was very active and talk-active person (hhhmmm... ) and adjusting became a submissive wife... need to put a lot of efforts for to do so .... so then i need something to balance my need...
i have a fren and neighbour having me introduced to patchwork quilting ... and i felt in love ever since.. i started collecting the books, hunting the material, and other things relating to patchwork quilting... indeed this hobby helped me when my emotion was un-stable... or when im down... other than my faith and prayers ... patching quilting's became my expression.. just like painting..

finding the idea of design, from pattern, colour which matched to the theme...., learning more about the technic.... patching, sewing...quilting, sometimes i patched the material all night long without sleep..specially week end.. without even feeling tired.. this activity really burried all the moody things..

thanks to tante deasy who got me in this hobby...